District Athletics

On Tuesday the 22/8/17 some people from the 5/6 grades and 3/4 grades got to go to the district athletics. We all got there and went into our groups for the day. My group got the first rest! After our rest we went on to do long jump. Then we did triple jump and we continued on with all of our activities. My favourite things were high jump, sprints and target throw!

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  1. ellam123 at |

    Hi Alanna,
    District Athletics sounds fun, although I wasn’t there, I’m sure you were really good at the activities.
    What activity do you think you were the best at?
    From Ella

  2. meleap12344 at |

    Hi Alanna 👐
    What did you like the most at Athletics?🥇
    My favourite thing was the sprints.🥈
    I hope we go next year.😬
    Bye for now ✋️
    Melea 😻


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